Weekly update Jan 14 2024

Case 1: “Panna ” rescued from Panmara (around 40km from Biratnagar) is a senior dog with nasal and genital CTVT. He is severely malnourished and has difficulty in breathing due to nasal CTVT.

CASE 2 – “Blacky” is a case of hit and run followed by paralysis. She is a mother dog of 6 puppies. Rescued from Biratnagar.

Case 3: “Jackie” a hit and run case rescued from Damak (around 60 km from Biratnagar) had multiple holes in her genital areas with maggots. She is under treatment.

Weekly update Jan 06 2024

Rescued- Healed-Released cases:

1st Case – “Kiki” is a community dog who was suffering froma severe form of CTVT ( Canine transmissible Veneral tumor). Today she is healthy following cycles of chemotherapy and is released in her home street. Watch the happy 😄 reaction of people who received Kiki.

2nd case: “Bulbul” is a community dog suffered from huge abdominal hernia. SAC rescued Bulbul and surgery was done. Bulbul is all good and hence released in his home community.

Watch bulbul’s story below- https://fb.watch/poN8nW7DF0/?mibextid=Nif5oz

3rd case: “Tiara” had big wound on her head. She is rescued, spayed and released who in her home street. Tiara loved exploring her place.

Watch Tiara’s story below- https://fb.watch/poNl9LHWWL/?mibextid=Nif5oz

Note: we make sure we hand over our rescued dogs with reflective belts on to their respective community people who at least care to feed them. We will also do the follow ups as well.

Rescued cases:

4th Case: A dog rescued from itahari (24 km from Biratnagar) likely has Nasal CTVT causing nasal fistula. He has difficulty eating food.

5th case: An abandoned puppy heavily infested with worms was brought to our SAC shelter. This poor baby vomited and excreted worms and was in a critical condition. Treated.Now the baby is doing good 💕

Weekly update Jan 01 2024

1st Case: Our new member is a male calf rescued from a group of people taking him to the slaughterhouse.
We named him “Kanha”. Guess why!!!
2nd case: A mother dog “Seti” hit by a vehicle cannot stand or walk. She is rescued with her newborn babies.
Bonus video of the SAC shelter –
Yashu stays with Kaaley
Subath time for shelter dogs
Please Adopt our cutie pies

Weekly update Dec 24 2023

Total Seven (7) new cases Rescued this week-
1st case: This dog is not Sherly but “Sherni” (lioness). She is aggressive, abandoned and most likely abused dog.
2nd and 3rd cases – Two cases of CTVT ( Canine transmissible general tumor)
Bonus video: Our two almost cured CTVT cases following chemotherapy
4th case : Bhuntu was brought all the way from itahari by a kind hearted person who also has been feeding and taking care of other street dogs in his area. Bhuntu suddenly developed weakness in bothel her back legs and couldn’t walk properly. she is under medication since 1 month but no signs of recovery. Hence bhuntu was brought to SAC shelter by her loving hooman.
5th case: “Ricky” is a pup suffering from Rickets. She was brought by a loving human all the way from Inaruwa to the SAC shelter.
6th case: “Juna” is a senior dog ,a victim of hit and run case. Her both back legs are paralyzed and front legs are fractured.she cannot walk or sit. Already posted the video ,please check the link https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=354887487250749&id=100081885001038&mibextid=Nif5oz
7th case is : “Kaaley” with crushed leg rescued from Salakpur( outside Biratnagar). we have already posted his video. Please check the link below to know his story.


Weekly update Dec 18 2023

Update 1: Bulbul, a rescued dog with abdominal hernia has undergone second surgery for loosened skin following primary surgery on abdominal hernia. Healing..

Update 2: Who can teach us Empathy better than these voiceless beings!

We lost “Jesse” a mother dog with moggoted bilateral ears full of pus and one ear completely eaten up. She was severely anaemic (pale) with E.canis ( likely). Her 5 newborn babies are adopted and breastfed by our another rescued mother dog “Yashu” who also had magotted wounds and was brought with her new born babies to SAC shelter. She used to stay by the side of Jesse & watch us do the dressing of Jesse.

Update 3 : Bhula has no fur due to severe Mange (Scabies).In this chilling weather, we couldn’t leave Bhula struggle on streets and go for Treat on street protocol. Hence opted to bring in SAC shelter.

Update 4 : Labre, an abandoned young Labrador has found a family but needs to undergo prior neutering surgery before he goes to his new family. Please support us to pay the vet bills for this Noble cause.

Update 5: “Hardy” is a case of Resistant Mange. Most of the time, she stays within a compound of a college & is fed by college canteen. We have been following her since last six months, did skin scraping test too. Finally she has started showing improvement. Thanks to the dedication of our rescue team member Dipsan Rai brother who has been regularly following the dog

Weekly update Dec 10 2023

Case 1- “Jesse” is a mother dog rescued in semiconscious state with one ear completely eaten up by maggots infestation and another ear was also full of pus. She is under fluid therapy since 4 days, yet not feeding good enough. She is still critical n critical condition and is anaemic too.

Case 2- Why Bulbul will have to undergo surgery for the second time?

Update on Bulbul, a dog with abdominal hernia , rescued and underwent surgery but the loosened skin is still hanging and has started fluid collection. Talked to vet doc, they have agreed to excise and resuture the skin again.

Case 3 – Kali, an elderly dog with huge wound over the neck with maggots. Healing…

Case 4 – “Jerry”, is a hit and run case. Paralysed and has multiple maggoted wounds. Rescued and brought to the SAC shelter. Dressing is being done.

Weekly update Dec 03 2023

Why our Rescued shelter dogs have become angry birds today?

Case 1 : Rescued Roger – Abandoned doberman rescued in crutical condition with maggoted wounds

Update on bulbul , a rescued street dog with abdominal hernia- underwent surgery yesterday. Bulbul is not at all happy after surgery

Update on Maichang abdominal mass, a dog rescued from Itahari, a victim of hit and run case. Maichang underwent X- ray of her body- as per vet doctor, nothing serious was found.

But Maichang refused to eat today and she too is not happy today.