Our Shelter

During initial days, Sahara animal care started “treat on street” facility for needy community dogs.We went to the places where help was needed and took the dogs to animal hospital and brought back to their respective places and followed up till they recovered fully. But there were cases where we lost follow ups because the dogs under treatment were not always found around, sometimes people would even throw them away in a garbage truck ( the harsh reality) in our absence and we lost few dogs in Road traffic accidents ( RTA) as well.

Therefore, we start a temporary shelter following which we received so many calls that to our surprise in 4 to 5 months time we had rescued more than 90 cases . Just when we had around 25 cases in the temporary shelter we were asked to vacate the shelter immediately by the landlord. We had less than a month to get our permanent shelter ready for our shelter babies.

Sahara Animal Care shelter is under construction. However we have shifted our shelter babies safely to their permanent home. Rest of the construction is however still going on. At present, we have 26 dogs in our shelter, few are paralysed victims of RTA. Others are severe cases of mange (scabies), malnourishment, amputation, severe infestation with maggots and few CTVT (canine transmissible veneral tumor) cases as well.

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