Rescue stories Dec 06 2023

This mother dog was lying helpless on the street. She has her both ears severely infested with thousands of maggots to the extent that her one ear is completely eaten up. She could not even take care of her new born babies (hardly 10 to 12 days old) 💔💔💔

When brought to the shelter she was semiconscious and could barely respond. 😢 With little hope, we have started fluid therapy with vitamin suppplementation, antibiotics and dressing was done.

The shocking fact is, On seeing her condition, the locals had poured almost a litre of petrol on her wounds which added more to her sufferings 😢😢😢

Please DO NOT USE petrol, kerosene oil or phenyl to clean the wounds of dogs or any other animals. These are chemicals that are highly dangerous having harmful effects on the exposed wounds making them worst.

Rescue Stories Nov 30 2023

Two days back we got a call (from the outskirts of Biratnagar), about a dog with maggoted wound on her back . Later we came to know she is a mama dog with her 7 to 10 days old newborn babies. We could trace the babies but mama dog was nowhere to be found as she might have gone in search of food. We waited till late eveing with the babies and finally mama dog arrived and we could rescue & bring them all to our shelter.

Mama dog is healing quick.and her babies are also doing good

Rescue Stories Sep 09 2023

“Archie” was rescued from a small town named Khorsani, located ~50km outside biratnagar.

“Archie” is an old buddy with severe mange (scabies) leading to sparse amount of hair on his body hence making it difficult for him to maintain his body temperature in this rainy season. As he is prone to health issues caused by even a slight change in weather, he recently suffered from pnemonia with laborious breathing. With antibiotics however, he has recovered from chest infection.

His skin wounds made out of itchy scratches are also healing.

Rescue stories Aug 19 2023

Two rescues together, “Love” and “Kush” from two different places. Everyday we have one or more rescue calls and with handful of manpower we try our best to make sure no cases is left unattended. We only wish that all human beings have empathy & compassion towards animals around them because they feel pain, seek love and need care just like we do.

Weekly update Dec 18 2023

Update 1: Bulbul, a rescued dog with abdominal hernia has undergone second surgery for loosened skin following primary surgery on abdominal hernia. Healing..

Update 2: Who can teach us Empathy better than these voiceless beings!

We lost “Jesse” a mother dog with moggoted bilateral ears full of pus and one ear completely eaten up. She was severely anaemic (pale) with E.canis ( likely). Her 5 newborn babies are adopted and breastfed by our another rescued mother dog “Yashu” who also had magotted wounds and was brought with her new born babies to SAC shelter. She used to stay by the side of Jesse & watch us do the dressing of Jesse.

Update 3 : Bhula has no fur due to severe Mange (Scabies).In this chilling weather, we couldn’t leave Bhula struggle on streets and go for Treat on street protocol. Hence opted to bring in SAC shelter.

Update 4 : Labre, an abandoned young Labrador has found a family but needs to undergo prior neutering surgery before he goes to his new family. Please support us to pay the vet bills for this Noble cause.

Update 5: “Hardy” is a case of Resistant Mange. Most of the time, she stays within a compound of a college & is fed by college canteen. We have been following her since last six months, did skin scraping test too. Finally she has started showing improvement. Thanks to the dedication of our rescue team member Dipsan Rai brother who has been regularly following the dog

Weekly update Dec 10 2023

Case 1- “Jesse” is a mother dog rescued in semiconscious state with one ear completely eaten up by maggots infestation and another ear was also full of pus. She is under fluid therapy since 4 days, yet not feeding good enough. She is still critical n critical condition and is anaemic too.

Case 2- Why Bulbul will have to undergo surgery for the second time?

Update on Bulbul, a dog with abdominal hernia , rescued and underwent surgery but the loosened skin is still hanging and has started fluid collection. Talked to vet doc, they have agreed to excise and resuture the skin again.

Case 3 – Kali, an elderly dog with huge wound over the neck with maggots. Healing…

Case 4 – “Jerry”, is a hit and run case. Paralysed and has multiple maggoted wounds. Rescued and brought to the SAC shelter. Dressing is being done.

Weekly update Dec 03 2023

Why our Rescued shelter dogs have become angry birds today?

Case 1 : Rescued Roger – Abandoned doberman rescued in crutical condition with maggoted wounds

Update on bulbul , a rescued street dog with abdominal hernia- underwent surgery yesterday. Bulbul is not at all happy after surgery

Update on Maichang abdominal mass, a dog rescued from Itahari, a victim of hit and run case. Maichang underwent X- ray of her body- as per vet doctor, nothing serious was found.

But Maichang refused to eat today and she too is not happy today.